A word from the President

Dear Members,

It has been about four months since we embarked on this COVID-19 journey and I wanted to provide some updates as it pertains to QMA.

Let me start by saying, Malayalee community in Montreal has done very well in the time of pandemic. Many of our members are health care workers, fighting the disease at the front line. There has been incidents where our members detected positive to COVID-19 and successfully overcame. On behalf of QMA, I would like to thank all the front line workers in our community for their selfless service.


As you are aware, QMA had to cancel many of the events this year, including the much awaited Talent Show 2020 and Annual General body Meeting. We have not decided on the summer picnic and Onam program yet, as we do not have the approval to do large gatherings yet. We will update you in the coming days, if there is any changes. At this time, the health and safety of our members is more important than the entertainment any gatherings can offer.

Organizational change: Executive Committee

After holding office for the last 2 years, QMA executive committee member Mr. Hari K.V. has decided to step down.

To fill the position until the next General body meeting, the Executive committee has unanimously elected Mr. Titto Mathew to the committee. Mr. Titto Mathew, an active member of QMA, has been living in Montreal since 2010 with his family. Mr. Titto will be handling QMA’s official communications from today.

Titto Mathew, EC Member, QMA


On behalf of QMA, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Hari KV for his exemplary service and dedication to the community for the last 2 years.

Lets continue to stick together as a strong and united community. Keep smiling, stay positive, focus on what you can control and This too Shall Pass!

Please be safe and stay healthy.

Jasmin Mathew

President, QMA

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