New Comers to Montreal


If you are a single person, getting a $10 day pass will work just fine for you. You can take Bus 747 towards Centre Ville (transit time is around 45 to 60 min). If you have a family with loads of luggage, I would advise you book a Taxi/Cab. 

If you don’t have an active sim card, use a free wifi at airport and Google Hangout app to call numbers (it’s free).

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For a family of 4, go for vacation apartment in downtown (for a month) by looking at Airbnb or HomeAway websites. Make sure to choose the right number of guests and dates. Book it for around 10 days or so and make sure it is near Berri-UQAM metro station. Once you are here, look for a nice unfurnished, 4 ½ (2 bedroom) apartment with a min. 1 year lease. If you are looking for anything cheap, you can get a 5 ½ (3 bedroom) apartment for $700 – $800 however it would be away from Metro train stations. If you want near stations, you can find Flats for $850 and above. Short-term rentals do not require credit checks however they can be expensive.

Lease : Most good premises have their leasing period starting on 1st of July and ending on 30th Jun next year. This is quite strange but that’s how most of the properties work here. Good Properties have minimum lease of 1 year. You may also find premises such as vacation apartments, short term rentals or sublets where you can get a good deal if you look a bit harder.

Credit Check : This is done by landlord/agency who are going to rent you the place. This would basically tell landlord if you are financially stable and are able to pay rent on time. For more detailed information, CLICK HERE

Size : Quebec is a French dominant area. Here, properties are listed as 4 ½ which is equal to 2 Bedroom House/Apartment. MORE INFO would give you are better understanding of size and description of apartment.

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  • Dial 911: Police, Fire department, Ambulance
  • Go to Emergency of Lakeshore hospital (you would need to pay if you do not have a medicare card)
  • Children under 18, go to
    Montreal Children hospital (English hospital located at 2300,Rue-Tupper,Montréal,QC,H3H1P3,tel (514) 412-4400) down town
    St Justin Hospital (French, 3175, Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
    Montréal,H3T-1C5,Québec, Tél : 514 345-4931)
  • Medical issues but not emergency, Go to a walk in clinic:
    Clinique médicale Médistat (Médistat FMG), 4965 Saint-Pierre Street, Pierrefonds, H9H 4M5. Tel. 514-624-4774
    Statcare clinic and Stillview group: 175 Stillview, Pointe-Claire (QC) H9R4S3. suite 104 (514)-694-9282 (you would need to pay if you do not have a medicare card)
  • For children, go to walk in clinic Tiny Tots Medical Center, 3400 du Marché street, Dollard-des-Ormeaux QC H9B 2Y1, suite 203. (tel. (514) 685-3531
    dial: 811 to talk to a nurse for consultation at Info Santé
    For a family doctor,
  • To register with the closest CLSC.
    Also visit:
    fill out a form at:

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At the Quebec Office in Airport, you were given appointment date & time for Regie De l’Assurance Maladie du Quebec (RAMQ). Make sure you arrive there on time. Over here, officer will make sure all applicants are present. You will be asked series of questions and given information regarding Quebec Health Insurance. Each applicant have to pay $10.35 for their health card. You will be given Reçu (meaning receipt) and Consentement Au Don D’Organes E De Tissus. You can keep the organ donation consent form with you and if you want, you can sign and send them later. There’s a waiting period of 3 months before your Quebec Health insurance start. If you want private insurance, you can go on Association Canadienne Des Compagnies D’Assurances De Personnes Inc‘s website and find the registered institutions who can give you cover for 3 months. Generally speaking, if you arrive in Québec from outside Canada, even if you are a Canadian citizen, you will be eligible for the Québec Health Insurance Plan after a waiting period of up to 3 months following your registration. Apart from certain exceptions the Régie does not reimburse the cost of the healthcare received during the waiting period.

Régie de l’assurance-maladie du Québec (RAMQ) / Medicare
425 boul. De Maisonneuve Ouest, Montréal, QC H3A 3K5, 3e étage, Montréal, (Métro McGill or Place des Arts). Tel. : (514) 864-3411
You need to have a permanent address (apartment lease for a period of 6 months or more) before you apply for medicare card. Waiting time is 3 months.

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Social Insurance Number

Go to: Service Canada, 6500 Trans Canada Highway, Pointe-Claire QC H9R 0A5, office 100

Applying for a Social Insurance Number

Bank Account

Many banks offer special packages for New immigrants, such as RBC Welcome to CanadaBMO NewStart Banking PlanTD Canada New to CanadaScotiabank’s StartRight for Landed Immigrants and many other regional banks.

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  • Buy and charge Opus Card from any metro station: Check also available locations in West Island (Pierrefonds, Pointe Claire etc) at:
  • Visit also STM (Société de transport de Montréal) : for information on bus lines & schedules, metro map & schedule etc
  • Receive bus schedules by text message (You need to Dial 52786 (LASTM), then enter your bus line number and bus stop code in the message box (separate the bus line number from the bus stop code with a space). OR Call 514 288-6287 (A•U•T•O•B•U•S). You will be asked for the five-digit bus stop code and bus line number.
Category: Driving

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SAAQ (English: Quebec Automobile Insurance Corporation), is a Quebec crown corporation responsible for licensing drivers and vehicles in the province. They also have a license exchange program where you can just exchange your foreign country’s full (Class 5) license with Quebec’s License (but only with 12 countries listed under Quebec Foreign License Exchange Program). If not, you can drive for 6 months on foreign license, and then you have to apply for Quebec’s License.

More details please visit

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Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion and its partners provide you with various services to help you get settled and facilitate your integration into Québec society, including:

Information sessions
French courses
Directory of services offered by community organizations

Upon arrival in Québec, you will have the opportunity to meet with an Immigration Québec representative who will explain in more detail the services offered. They will also sign you up for information activities and direct you to the appropriate resources.

More Details Please visit   Immigration-Quebec 


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  • General: Commission Scolaire Marguerite Bourgeoys, 1100 Boul. Côte Veru, Ville St Laurent H4L 4V1. Tel. (514) 855-4500,
  • Public schools in West Island, for example: École Ste Geneviève Ouest, 35 Rue Ste-Anne (off Boul. Pierrefonds), tel. (514) 855-4215
  • For English schools: New comers have no right to send their children to English schools with the exception of English schools not subsidized at all by the government which are very expensive
    Please be aware of existence of education plans which are meant to save money for university education. The government contributes partially to such plans. For more info
  • Daycare : Visit web site of Ministère de la famille at :  
  • French Courses (full time or part time):
    C.I.M.O.I. (Centre d’Intégration Multi-Services de l’Ouest de l’Ile)
    143 Place Frontenac, Pointe Claire, H9R 4Z7. Tel. (514) 693-1000,
    4734, rue Alexander, Pierrefonds, H8Y 2B1, (514) 685-3000,
    Visit : for full time courses paid by the government (You may be eligible for a small salary)

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Child Benefits Quebec

Fill out and send by mail the ‘’Application for Child Assistance Payments’’ available at


Canada Tax Credit Application (to be filled on Line, then printed, signed, submitted by mail (Canada post) (to be printed, filled out by hand, signed and then sent by mail with Canada Post)


Quebec Tax Credit Application

. Fill out and send by mail a ‘’ Quebec solidarity tax credit application’’.

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We are currently finalizing this page. Please visit in a few days but some basic information are:

A. Write a letter of request to OIIQ to have your license evaluated and have it mailed. The letter should contain your name, address and phone and you wish to have your license evaluated. If you are in Montreal, you can go to the OIIQ office in Dorchester with your letter in hand. The address is (they are moving in July so please come back again for the updates):

Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec
4200, rue Molson
Montréal (Québec) H1Y 4V4

Their coordinates are:
Téléphone : 514 935-2501 (Montreal)
1 800 363-6048 (Au Québec)
Télécopieur : 514 935-1799

opening hours:
9 h à 17 h, Monday to Friday except holidays
From June 23 to August 29, 2014
8 h 30 to 16 h 30, Monday to Friday except holidays

1. They will send or give you forms to fill up and fees to pay to open your file

2. When they receive the papers, they will send you another set of papers

a. A form for PRC to complete and sent back directly to OIIQ

b. A form for the University where you finished your bachelor’s in India to have them send you transcripts back directly to OIIQ.

c. a form to apply for Equivalence from MICC

d. Other papers to instruct you on what ever else you need to do eg. French and additional schooling

3. You wait for them to receive the papers and give you the evaluation. (It takes 1 to 1.5 year or shorter)

B. they will tell you to either:

1. Take the internationally trained nurses integration course at John Abbott. So far they’re the ONLY English college that offers the course. or if you’re good in French, there are more French colleges that offer the same course.

2. Or do a 40 days training in a hospital if you have a lot of recent experience. That’s a new choice they are giving this 2013-2014. The challenge is finding a hospital that will let you do the training which is almost none or very rare.

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