Participating in the MAQ 30 Days of Giving campaign is the perfect way to not only get involved, but to also teach young children about social responsibility and get them thinking about the festive season as a time of giving -- and not just receiving.

Participants build one or more Giving Box(es) (average value of $100 per box) that will be donated to an individual or family in need within our community. More details can be found here.

giving is AS EASY AS 1-2-3!

You can shop your cupboards for brand new, unexpired items or buy your items every week.

We need your help to identify worthy individuals and families who are going through some hardship and would appreciate being on the receiving end of a Giving Box.

Nominate someone here: Giving Box Nomination Form


30 Days of Giving

We need to be able to keep track of how many boxes our community members are pledging to build so that we can help as many individuals and families as possible.

The campaign starts on November 10th and will run for 30 days through December 9th (the day of the Winter Fest).

Go to the Campaign Participants page to view more details. 

You can build as many boxes as you want! Just let us know when you sign up so that we can keep track.

Of course! Feel free to join together with one or more friends to build one or more boxes together.

No! Allies and friends of our community are more than welcome to build a Giving Box. The more help, the merrier! 

Use a large enough box to fit all of the items you will be donating over the 30 day period. You can even decorate your box with colourful wrapping paper to make it festive and looking more like a gift. Make sure it’s sturdy so that it can be delivered in one piece!

You can purchase a box from Canadian Tire, Home Depot or any other home improvement store. You can also ask your local grocery store for empty boxes. 

We expect a Giving Box to cost around $100 on average. We recommend buying in bulk or shopping sales to reduce costs.

Inform the MAQ Community Outreach Coordinator at elizabeth.chacko@gmail.com and she will work with you to find the best way to collect your box.

Yes! You can sign up and participate up until December 10th. 

Yes! Help is always welcome. If you cannot pledge to building a box, then that’s totally ok. You can give a monetary donation through this form and all proceeds collected for this campaign will be used to purchase new items to supplement the Giving Boxes being built by our participants.

Your generous donations will be helping individuals and families in need within the Malayalee community itself. And if we collect more than we can distribute, we will donate boxes to local women's shelters, food banks or other charitable organizations.

Join our dedicated WhatsApp group, where we'll be sharing updates and answering questions. Go to the Campaign Participants page to learn more.

Contact the MAQ Community Outreach Coordinator at elizabeth.chacko@gmail.com. 

Giving Box Nominations

Each nomination will be combined with the others received for the same person or family.

No, all nominations will be kept strictly confidential and will only be known to campaign organizers.

Contact the MAQ Community Outreach Coordinator at elizabeth.chacko@gmail.com.